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Ram: This name was prevalent before the birth of Ram. Ram-Ramayate means divert himself in pleasure. Due to this the word Ram is created. Ram means one who diverts himself in pleasure and also diverts peoples in it. .
Ramchandra:The real name of Ram is only ‘Ram’. He is Suryawanshi. His birth time is 12’0 clock (in afternoon). But still the name ‘Rambhanu’ means in which sun’s name is present was not given to Ram. Further Ram stubborn for Moon and because of it he got the name ‘Ramchandra’.
Shri Ram: ‘Shri is one of the six attributes of god. The six attribute of god is Yash, Shri (power, beautiful, virtue etc.), Aaudarya, Vairagya, Gyan & Aishwarya. After killing the cruel Ravana and taking victory on Lanka means, after showing that he is god; when Ram returned in Aayodhaya along with Sita from that time all people of Aayodhaya called Ram as ‘Shri Ram’. In Valmiki Ramayana, Ram is not described as god but as ‘Narpungav’ which means best in all men. (Hanuman is Kappungav. The meaning of ‘Pungav’ is ox.) There is a full stop after Shri which comes before our names. But into name of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna there is no full stop. We are Shriyut, means we all have excerpt of god. On opposite side, Shri Ram and Shri Krishna was god himself..
Aadarsh Putra (Ideal son) : Ram kept the respect of words of our parents, but some time he gave advice to his elders also. For example, while time of exile (Vanwas), he told not to cry to his parents. Because of Kaikeyi Ram get exile of 14 years, but still when he came back, he gave compliments to Kaikeyi and behaves respectfully with her..
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