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Aadarsh Bandhu (Ideal human being) : Still now peoples gave simile of ‘Ram-Laxman’ to ideal love between brothers.
Aadarsh Pati (Idelal husband) : :- Shri Ram has only one wife. After the sacrificing of Sita, Ram was living alone. At the time of Yadnya, he situated a sculpture of Seeta near him instead of second marriage. Though this situation, his Ekpatni Bana is well described. At that time king get married many times. On that background, Ekpatnikat of Ram gets in focus. Ramayan is a word made from the combination of Ram and Aayan. Ram-Ramayate means divert, divert our self in Sadhana, it is related to pleasure. Aayan means Saptlok. In which we get introduced how to divert our self in Ram Sadhana, get beyond of Saptlok and to know the path of deliverance (Moksha) is called as ‘Ramayana’. .
‘Samasya Aayan Ramayanam!’ Aayan means to go. The God who takes us near Shri Ram to get excite the people for going there & the path of true life means Ramayana. To get victory on the cruel and devils this mentioned in Ramayan. Aayan means the shelter place that’s why Ramayana is the existence of Ram.
Vividha Ramayan:
1) Purva Ramayan & uttaramayan : Ramayan’s ‘R’ means like a root of Sadhana It teaches us that how to travel in Saptlok. Description of Ram who has been traveled through his type of Sadhna is mention in Uttaramayana. .

2) Adhayatramayan :- The feature is of Adhyatmaramayana is the communication between Uma and Maheshwar. Uma prays to Maheshwar that ‘the best path of getting god is Bhaktiyog (devotion). But various people have various opinion about it, so what is the real image of god please tell me?’ As an answer of this question Lord Shiva told her Adhyatmaramayana. .

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