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Gramdaivat of Jalgaon city Shri Ram Mandir Sansthan is the ancient temple in district. In 1865 British Gazette also mentioned that there is no proved database available about how ancient this temple is. The ‘Dharmayug’ magazine (1985) which is publishing monthly in Mumbai also has information that sanctorum of temple is re-constructed by Ahilyabai Holkar.

This temple has great traditions of religious, spiritual and Varkari community. On the occasion of Kartiki Prabodhini Ekadashi, Shri Ram Rathotsav and Vahanotsav are celebrated. These events are very gorgeous and smashing as everyone must take participate in it.

Science of Temple
Before entering into a temple, every follower should sight at the top of temple (Kalas) according to Hindi culture.
Internal of temple is very peaceful, nice and give inspiration to devotion (Bhakti).
The architecture of temple is such as on the day of ----, sunlight comes into direct contact of Shri Ram sculpture.
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