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In Gadi Parampara of Sansthan, prime person Shri Sadguru Appa Maharaj has been determined to reconstruct Shri Ram Mandir in presence of Rambhaktas at day of Shri Ram Navami in 1867. And as a result in 1871, it has changed in gorgeous, smashing and beautiful temple.

According to parable order of Shri Sant Muktai in 1872, Shri Sant Muktabai Rampalkhi Dindi Sohala was started from Pandharpur to Jalgaon & vice-versa. This total distance about 1000 km which is covered by followers without any vehicle during Ashadhi Yatra. In 1872, on the occasion of Kartiki Prabodhini Ekadashi, Shri Ram Rathotsav and Vahanotsav were started with all devotees of society without discrimination of rich or poor. In it various gods and their animal carriage are taken out during period from Kartik Shukla Pratipada to Kartik Shukla Dvadashi.
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