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Flower’s Mahadev Hariharbhet sohla :  
It is a tradition of Sansthan to celebrate Shri Hariharbhet Sohala during Kartik Vaikuntha Chaturdashi. It is unique and beautiful. Hari means Shrikrishna and Har means Mahadev are two different merciful forms of one god. This Sohala is functioned with great enthusiasm in Shri Ram Mandir. Everybody attends various holy programs that begin & end with Shivpujan. Shri Hari & Har met to each other on this day. Mahadev is decorated with various flowers. Sculptures of Shri Hari & Bahgwan Shankar are kept near to each other which suggest that god is one.
Kartic shri Tripurani Paurnima, (Gopalkala & Anna Santapana)
This festival is celebrated in calm and cold environment of Diwali on Pratipada to Tripurari Paurnima. These fifteen days are indescribable. There are Bhajans and everyday new carriage parade & pleasure everywhere. Everybody participates in this festival without hesitation. No one feels discrimination. This festival ends on Tripurari Paurnima with glory. This day starts with Palkhi Dindi having sculpture of Prabhu Shri Ram. All devotees enjoy Mahaprasad. Then Shri Mangesh Maharaj honors all Sevekari & Bhajani Mandal who participated in this festival with shawl, Shrifal. All devotees work hard for the Trust’s various holy programs ends with Anna Santparna. The purpose of this program is that everybody should enjoy meals; co-operation & affection should get improve. Everybody should devote himself in Prahubhakti. Every Rambhakt prays Prabhu Shri Ram that he should show us path of knowledge and make our life bright & happy .We shall always do good work & faith on you. Nandadip inflamed by Sadguru should always spread light until sun and moon are in sky.
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