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Shri Ramrathoutsav :      
Sadguru Shri Appa Maharaj has started Rathotsav from 1872. Not only various casts but also Muslims get together for this Rathotsav. Great poetess of Khandesh Bahinabai Chaudhari describes this Rathotsav in her poetry. Shri Ram Trust Rathotsav starts from Kartik Shukla Pratipada. Everyday serially horse, elephant, tiger, lion, Shri Sarswati, Shri Sheshnag, Shri Chandra, Shri Suryanarayan, Shri Garud carriages are brought in procession during these 10 days. And the day before Rathotsav, Shri Maruti carriage march is conducted. This Vahnostav bring a message to us that various animals and god’s place in human life are very important. God comes as a image of Sadguru to guide our society. This Shri Ram Rathotsav is organized since 134 years continuously.
This Shri Ram Rath is made from Tivas timber & pulled by 400 to 500 Rambhaktas easily taking acclamation of Prabhu Shri Ram. This Rath looks very beautiful in Rathotsav. This Rath is decorated with various flowers of marigold, mango leaves, lighting, and flags of Bhagava color. Ram Sevak, Bhajani Mandal, Varkari sing Bhajans, Ganesh Mandal Plays Lazim, Sanai Chaughada in front of the Rath. Bhavik gives ‘Kanagi’ to this Rathotsav and enjoys beauty to this Rathotsav. Jalgaon city’s peculiarity is Shri Ram of Kartiki Ekadashi and all people coming together during this Rathotsav. It feels like Prabhu Shri Ram is entering in city after conquering evil tendency, Ravana. This Rathoutsav is a Khandesh’s Lokostav. All people participate in this Rathotsav very happily.  
Shri Raskrida (Funka) :

Shri Krishna goes with his friends Gopgopal Godhan to marry with Tulsi in Funka. Funka means rally of groom before marriage. All peoples get very happy and dance. In this Raskrida, poor, rich, child, old man, women all kinds of people gather. They tell us that god is with everybody who accepts him.

Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s Raslila gives us a message that life is a game; one who plays happily gets happiness and who cheat get out of the game. Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s character Raslila is very imperative. This Raslila tells us that, live life with happiness, not in distress. Tukobaray also gets happiness in Shri Krishna Bhakti.
Life is sweet melody music. To enjoy this Raskrida you have to forget yourself & learn to take care of others. Dance with god and you will get real happiness in your life. Bhagwan Shankar also likes to dance. We all know his Natraj Rup Raskrida teaches us unity in diversity. To dream about coming this Funka of Ras Krida in our life is first stage of devotion or faith. Funka is very small but bright. This brightness gathers unity, happiness & devotion in every heart & every heart full with god’s worship.
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