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Shri Garud :              
Garud means khag it also called as ‘Vainateya’ Garud is a vahan of Bhagwan Vishnu. Garud is bird’s king so the another name of Garud is ‘khagendra’ Garud flies with very high speed and he also destroy the poisonous snake which is harmful for us. In sea manthan when amrit kalash is came out. That amrit kalash was taken by garud and he used that amrit kalash for all good peoples. Sun and garud both are same because they have some same quality. In ‘Suryanamaskar Mantra’ there is a word related to garud. Garud gives us the message that fly like me and destroy all the harmful things. The home where any dear person died after the death there is ‘Garudpuran’ reading is compulsory for the goodness of that person. Garud is our best friend because he tell us about our life’s duty & principal.
Shri Maruti :
Hanuman is the most important person in Ramkatha without hanuman Ramayan is incomplete if there is Ram’s Kingdom in every village hanuman is always sit on the boundary to destroy the devils power. Hanuman have work power & brain. Whatever he did he did with his intellegency and full of power. In Ramayan when sita was kidnapped by Ravan hanuman helps Ram to get sita back Hanuman is ideal person for our young generation.
In Ramyan when Ravan and Ram is fighting for seta Hanuman helps to Ram and ‘Lankadahan’ also carried  out by hanuman to destroy the devils of Lanka In all this whenLaxman was not feeling well then hanuman bring the whole mount for ‘Sanjevani Buti’ on his one hand when Ram wins seta from Ravan, Sita gave a Navratna necklace to Hanuman but Hanuman breaks each and every Navratna for searching Ram in it According to hanuman Ram is the most important Rantna for him Maruti is also one of them and Maruti is also called as Rudra He played a role of doctor in Ramayan
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