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Shri Chandradev ::  
Chandradev means the moon which is a sign of mind. We know three stages of mind i.e. awakening, dream & sleeping. But Yogshastra accepts fourth stage of mind that is Samadhi. Bhagwan Shankar accepts moon on his head & he become Balchandra whereas lord Ganesh is also called as Balchandra. The most important quality of moon is its cool glow. Due To this coolness sometimes our saints are also called as Chandra. Sun and moon both have brightness in nature, but sun has burning brightness and brightness of moon is cool. Moon reflects brightness of sun and gives cool glow. Today there is need persons like moon whose nature is calm. Moon is also known as god of medicine. In English the name Sunday is depends upon sun and Monday is depends upon moon. The moon is symbol of mind and it tells us that keep your behavior cool and calm and then pray for god.
Shri Suryanarayan :
Many years ago in India Rishi-Muni told that, the sun is a soul of the world and a soul is a body’s sun. Without sun the world and without soul the body is worthless. One day a disciple asked his master that who is god? Master told Suryanarayana is god, but at night there is no sun in sky. Again disciple asked that now who is god. Master told him moon is god, but again when Amavas comes there is no sun and no moon at night; so again disciple asked his master the same question. At that time master told him that our soul is our god, so believe yourself. Our soul and Suryanarayana are replication of each other.  
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