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Snake : Sheshnag ::  
‘Shesh’ means not only cobra but also Shillak (remaining). We can see three dimensions, but according to scientists the fourth dimension which we cannot see is in reality called ‘Kal’ (time). So time is the fourth dimension! Time passed away with great speed. Indian culture see this speedy time in Shesh as a symbol. So that Shesh is representative of time. The animals which are useful for human being have a special position in our culture. Due to this in India, we celebrate Nagpanchmi, Pola, etc. For our Indian former snake is very useful because snake eat mice which destroy our crops. But mostly when snakes are found in our home we kill them considering them poisonous. That’s not true, because fact is that only five percent snakes are poisonous. Only if someone treats them badly, then they will react and bite. Thus, snake wants to give us messages that don’t misuse your power. Bhagwan Shankar has snake rounded on neck. Bhagwan Vishnu is ‘Bhujagshayan’. Then who are we to neglect them.
Shri Sarswati :
This Goddess represents knowledge power. Saraswati is also known as Gyandevta. Gyan means pure and clear knowledge. When you read book & study them, at that time Saraswati bless you. The knowledge is a thing that will never be destroyed. Saraswati means Gyansadhana. Like Saraswati our life should be fulfilled with pure and clear knowledge that should always accepted by the universe.  
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