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Generally every carriage describes the nature of respective god. Tiger is a carriage of Kolhapur’s Mahalxmi (Amba). Sharp eye, alerted activity, concentrated attack and active like lightning are significant qualities of tiger. Tiger suggests us that if you want to achieve your goal, you should have concentration on it and win your anger by keeping calm mind. After that you will definitely achieve your aim.
Lion (Mrugendra):
Lion is not an animal to fear but it is a sign of Kirti, courage and splendor too. There are four Lions in our national symbol ‘Ashok Stambh’. They indicate that win all four directions on self strength. Lion also suggest us that one who cannot control anger, cannot overcome evil’s influence. Anger is a demerit of life. Lion is independent and also a symbol of youth. Nation which have brave, powerful and self dependent youth like lion will definitely prosper. The nation which has this type of youth will definitely get developed. If we want our place to be indisputable the Sinhavlokan (overview) is the most important thing. Sinhavlokan means look back after getting victory and analyze the situation. Lion is a symbol of power and power is the need of every nation.
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