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Horse(Ashwa): :
“Uchaishrava” is one of the various jewel comes from Sagar Manthan (ocean churn). According to Shrimad Bhagvatgeeta, Uchaishrava has a position as power of god. So definitely he has quality of god. Uchaishrava means extreme capacity of hearing or it can be better describe as only listen the best. Horse has a significant quality of continuous workability. Horse is representative of the complete male. Also in Mahabharat, only Arjun and horse was complete male. Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Laxmibai and Maharana Pratap have horses that helped them for victory. This way horse suggest us that our life is like horse, give its halter in hand of god. Then you will definitely get excerpt of god.
“Airawat” is one of fourteen jewels. In Bibhutiyog of Shrimad Bhagwatgeeta, Gopalkrishna told that ‘I am Airawat within elephants’. Airawat is carriage of the king of gods – Indra. Elephant lives in group. Gratitude is one quality of elephant. He is symbol of prosperity. Every gorgeous temple has queue of elephant at bottom. This suggest us that prosperity of nation is depends upon powerful bottom (feet) like elephants.
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